The Philadelphia Warriors: Yes, THOSE Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors are currently one of the best teams in the NBA, and are the pride of the otherwise dreary San Francisco Bay Area sports scene. That’s just fantastic for the denizens of the nine counties by ‘the Bay’, and I applaud them on their success. It should be noted however, that the […]

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PRISM: The Orignal Regional Sports Network

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Before Comcast SportsNet came about in 1997, there was PRISM. No, not the NSA’s mass surveillance program, but rather the cable television channel, Philadelphia Regional In-Home Sports and Movies. PRISM was launched in 1976 as a joint venture between Ed Snider’s Spectacor and 20th Century Fox. For a subscription fee of around $12, Philadelphians had, […]

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The Philadelphia Stars: Philly’s Negro League Baseball Team

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Until Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947, American Major professional baseball had been segregated. African-American baseball enthusiasts were forced to form their own leagues, known collectively as The Negro Leagues. From 1933-1952, the Philadelphia Stars were the team that represented Philadelphia’s black community. They were founded by Ed Bolden, the former owner of […]

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A brief history of the Philadelphia Arrows: Philadelphia’s original pro hockey team

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In autumn of 1927, long before the Flyers were even a glimmer in the eye of Ed Snider, Philadelphia received its first professional ice hockey team: the Philadelphia Arrows of the Canadian-American Hockey League, a minor league. The Arrows played their home games at Philadelphia Arena, located on the 4500 block of Market Street in […]

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Jayson Stark Baseball Talk and Book Signing

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Come meet the legendary baseball writer, Jayson Stark. He will be at Shibe on Tuesday, December 13th from 6-8pm signing copies of his recent books including, Wild Pitches, Worth the Wait: Tales of the 2008 Phillies, and The Stark Truth.

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Support the Troops with Operation Hat Trick

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Why are Team Jerseys Increasing in Price?

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All sports fans want to wear their team's colors with pride whether it is at their team's home stadium or in the comfort of their own home. Every year, however the price of buying the latest team jersey or shirt is increasing.

In this article we look at what is causing the rising prices.

Supporting teams in the NFL has become more expensive with the prices of tickets and jerseys rising. Time Magazine reports that fans will have to hand over $150 for a limited jersey and $295 for an elite jersey. The difference in price is due to the elite jersey being an exact replica of what the players wear on the field with the same advanced fabric technology. The magazine jokes that fans might have to start taking out loans to support their team.

Nike makes all of the gear worn by NFL players and is in its fourth year as the sport's official gear supplier. Business site Bloomberg suggests that fans continue to buy the latest jerseys because they are concerned with making sure that they get the right match look. The site went on to mention that Nike is profiting from the decrease in the length of a player’s career due to the punishing nature of the game. Therefore jerseys change more frequently than before, requiring fans to keeping purchasing them to keep up with the latest changes to their teams.

In soccer there is also a debate around the price of soccer shirts. In 2014 the England football soccer team came under fire for the price of its latest shirt also made by Nike. The price of one shirt was £90 ($122) and the Telegraph detailed that even the Prime Minister David Cameron stated that it was too expensive. Like NFL fans, soccer fanatics are very keen to wear the latest shirts in support of their team. With the majority of fans coming from blue-collar backgrounds the increase in prices is seen as pricing the tradition fan out of the market.

One aspect that affects the sale of soccer shirts is the success of the team. London paper the Metro reported that Iceland saw a surge in demand for soccer shirts after knocking England out of this year’s European Championships. They went on to say that there was a 2000% increase in demand with fans of England’s rivals Scotland buying shirts in support of the small country. Football analysis site Betfair revealed that England and Scotland will face each other in the build up to the World Cup 2018 this November. Both teams had disappointing summers and have got off to shaky starts as they fight to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. If either team doesn't proceed to the tournament this could have a knock-on effect to the amount of shirts they will sell in the future.

One reason for the increase in prices for jerseys across sports could be due to sponsorship deals. The Economist states that English Premiership teams each received around £370m ($460m) from shirt sponsorships, up a third from previous years. The reason that sponsors are pouring money into team jerseys is that the international reach of soccer has increased in the past decade particularly in areas such as Asia. This in turn has a knock-on effect on the price of jerseys due to the increase in demand.

New Stadium Series Tee - Franklin Field

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New T-shirt Designs for DNC

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The Shibe Vintage Sports team at 13th and Walnut has added a series of new political shirts designed by local artists in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia .

Happy Days Are Here Again is a reprise from a 1932 Franklin Roosevelt campaign poster. FDR campaigned on repealing prohibition, and it paid off; he crushed the incumbent Herbert Hoover, 472 electoral votes to 59.

In 1936, FDR ran for reelection, and the DNC was held in Philadelphia at Franklin Field and Convention Hall. Our shirt reflects the cover from the official guidebook to the 1936 convention. FDR won again in a landslide, 523-8.

Our other new shirts aren’t quite as historically accurate. I’m Voting for Cheeseteaks and I Support the Whiz Party both pay homage to Philadelphia’s favorite sandwich, while Schmidt Carlton ‘80 recalls two of Philly’s favorite baseball players of all-time and that memorable 1980 championship team.

"We're always excited to try new things, and the DNC being in town gave us a great opportunity to do that," said Philebrity and Shibe co-owner Johnny Goodtimes. "We had our artists create shirts that would appeal to the people in town for the DNC as well as our regulars."

From Sunday-Thursday, Shibe Vintage Sports will be selling one of these shirts each day for $20.16 as part of #DNCDeals, so check in with us on Twitter and Instagram to see which one is on sale!

Find us at these upcoming festivals

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Shibe Participates in Make-A- Wish Event

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Saturday is Didi Day at Shibe Sports

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What to Wear for Safety, Comfort and Style When Surfing

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Everybody knows what ‘surf fashion’ looks like, but when you’re actually taking part in the sport, what’s safe to wear? Surfing is a fun sport, but it can also be quite dangerous if you’re not wearing the proper attire or the required safety equipment. There is a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to surf clothing. However, ultimately your decisions should be based on your own comfort on the board. Here are some surf clothing essentials that every surfer should have before going out to ride the waves.

Rash Guard
Although they may not be as fashionable as the surf print tees that you might wear on the beach or for other casual events, a rash guard is an essential piece of kit for many surfers. Whilst you’re out catching some waves on your gas powered surfboard, the last thing that you need is to come back sunburned or with a heat rash. Along with offering protection from the sun, these shirts will also help you avoid getting a rash from the wax on your board. Alternatively, you could wear a basic t-shirt even though these don’t offer as much protection.

If you’re planning to surf during the spring or fall when the water is cooler, then you really don’t want to go surfing in just a pair of beach shorts, as you’ll likely come out shivering. Wetsuits, also known by surfers as spring suits since they are most often worn at this time of the year, are an essential piece of kit for any year-round surfer. They come in a range of styles and designs, offering full or partial coverage for your body whilst surfing.

Booties or Reef Socks
It can be tempting to go surfing barefoot, and in many areas around the world this is perfectly safe. However, it’s a good idea to offer your feet some extra protection at times. Booties or reef socks can be worn to keep your feet and toes warm during cooler temperatures. They also serve to protect your feet from hazards such as sharp rocks, sea urchins or reefs.

Although helmets have never been a popular fashion accessory amongst surfers, it’s certainly important to consider wearing one as it could save your life. This is especially important if you are using a motorized surf board, as you’ll be traveling at high speed. Helmets offer extra protection to your head to prevent serious injury. Along with that, a helmet can also give your face and eyes some protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun whilst you surf.

Lastly, you might not think about wearing gloves for a sport that’s largely done in the summer, but when the water is a little cooler, you will be thankful for them. Trying to surf with cold, numb hands is no easy task, so a good pair of surfing gloves will help to keep them warm.

What do you wear for surfing? Let us know in the comments.

New Stadium Series Shirt - JFK Stadium

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JFK Stadium

JFK Stadium was initially built in 1926, and was known as Sesquicentennial Stadium, it was built for the 150th American birthday party. After the party was over, it was given the rather dull name of Municipal Stadium. The first team to call the enormous (seating 102,000) stadium home was a pro football team called the Philadelphia Quakers. They would fold after one season, then the Frankfort Yellow Jackets would occasionally play there, and later the Eagles would call it home for 4 seasons before moving to Shibe Park. It was best known for hosting the annual Army-Navy game 41 times. In 1974, the Philadelphia Bell of the World Football League would call it home.

Municipal Stadium, at the time largest stadium in the country in terms of capacity, wasn't only used for football. In 1926, a crowd of over 120,000 watched Gene Tunney defeat Jack Dempsey in the rain to win the heavyweight boxing title. In 1927, over 100,000 came in to lay eyes on America's newest hero, Charles Lindbergh, who simply did a lap around the track and then made for the exits. In 1957, a NASCAR race was held in the stadium, and it was also where the Broad Street Run ended each year.

In 1964, its name was changed to JFK Stadium, and it is perhaps best known contemporarily as a concert venue. Before the famous Live Aid concert in 1985, it also was where the Beatles held their second US concert, and Judy Garland held her final American concert. Various shows by the Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, and Pink Floyd each resulted in over 100,000 in attendance. After a Grateful Dead concert in 1989, the stadium was condemned, and it was demolished on September 23rd, 1992. The Wells Fargo Center now stands where JFK used to.



The Sound of Philadelphia

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Both a song and a style, the Sound of Philadelphia was created by legendary Philly producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, who met each other in an elevator at a recording studio when they were both around 20 years old.

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