Philadelphia Bell Football Shirt

The Philadelphia Bell were a WFL team that came in with a bang in 1974. Grace Kelly's brother Jack was their president, the flamboyant ladies man King Corcoran (known as the "Poor man's Joe Namath") was their QB, and they had a wide receiver by the name of Vince Papale. They played at JFK Stadium, and they had over 50,000 fans at their first two home games. It seemed like Philadelphians were crazy about the Bell. They weren't. They were crazy about free tickets. It turned out that the Bell had given away tens of thousands of them, and when only 12,000 showed up at their third home game, they were busted. The scandal made the WFL a laughingstock, and it never recovered. The league folded the next year. You can help keep their memory alive by purchasing this incredibly comfortable t-shirt, a Next Level tri-blend (50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, and 25% Rayon) with a distressed, throwback look.

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