Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Print by Philly Word Art


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The artist created the words and now the words form the man. “Bruce Springsteen” is an open edition fine art print by artist Daniel Duffy, who cultivated the image of the Boss using lyrics from his song “Born to Run”. Like the highway Springsteen yowls about in the song, this piece is jammed with heroes on a last chance power drive. You can get lost reading the narrator’s impassioned plea to Wendy and wonder if they ever did escape that death trap and get to that place they really wanted to go. When you take a step back to admire the striking portrait of Springsteen, likely in the third hour of a performance, you’ll feel assured that, yes, they did get their walk in the sun.

No Springsteen collection is complete without this passionate tribute to everyone’s favorite Boss. 

- Made in the USA
- Each print is hand signed in pencil by the artist
- Printed on acid free, archival matte paper

Item is 16" x 20" and ships rolled in a UPS tube.