Your Vote Will Determine the New Name of Our Store!

We've decided to change the name of our store, and we need your help to pick one! We've come up with a few names ourselves, then added a couple of names you guys suggested. Whatever name has the most votes by 12 noon on Friday will be our winner. Here are the candidates with explanations below:

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SHIBE VINTAGE SPORTS. Named after the former A's and Phillies ballpark which stood at 20th and Lehigh from 1909 to 1976. The stadium was in turn named after Benjamin Shibe, who is credited with inventing an automatic stitching machine to make standardized baseballs. He was part owner and initial President of the Philadelphia A's.

BIG ED'S VINTAGE SPORTS. A bit of a double entendre, as Big Ed is the nickname of one of our owner's dad. It's also the name of one of the greatest players in Phillies history, outfielder Big Ed Delahanty. Big Ed Delahanty was quite a heavy drinker, and died at age 35 when he fell (or was pushed) off the train tracks near Niagara Falls under mysterious circumstances.

MIDTOWN VINTAGE SPORTS. Because that's where you will find the best shops and restaurants in the city. We are proud to be a part of Midtown on 13th.  

DOC'S VINTAGE SPORTS. When the current store at 137 South 13th Street opened in 1900, it was a pharmacy operated by Doctors Beringer and Schaith. This name would honor the initial owners. 

ROOFTOP VINTAGE SPORTS. This name would pay homage to the fans who used to watch A's games from the roofs of houses on 20th Street, across the street from Shibe Park. When the A's made the World Series, most of these home owners would erect temporary bleachers to accommodate the overflow crowds who wanted to watch the games.

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