Top Philly Moment 2014-2024

Top Philly Moment

We're celebrating our 10th anniversary at Shibe and are looking back on the Top Philly Moments since 2014.

When we opened our doors for the first time a decade ago, Joel Embiid was a center for the Kansas Jayhawks, Bryce Harper was the 21 year old star of the Washington Nationals, and Chip Kelly was being hailed as an offensive guru who was going to revolutionize pro football.

Well a lot can happen in a decade, both between the lines and outside of them. So for this year’s annual brackets, we decided to honor a bit of both. We took 16 of our favorite sports moments and put them in one bracket, and 16 of the craziest, weirdest Philly news stories of the past decade and put them in another and you'll decide the greatest Philly moment of the past decade.

Everyone that votes gets 20% off their next order at Shibe. Have fun, we can't wait to see what wins this one. And who knows what the next decade will bring?

Tap the Vote button below for the moment you'd like to see move on to the next round. Once you've voted in all of the matchups, fill out your info and tap Submit to make those votes count! Every 2 days at noon we'll tally the votes and move on to the next round.