The Philadelphia Eagles Photo History Book - Signed Copy


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The history of the Philadelphia Eagles spans multiple championships, many more near-misses and a cast of characters both on and off the field. The passion of the game has flowed through the veins of generations of Philadelphians and this book details the history of the Eagles from a unique fan perspective.

Compiled from over two dozen sources, it features rarely-seen archival and personal photos - including ones from Pete Pihos (Eagles' Hall-of-fame receiver), Upton Bell (son of owner Bert Bell), Ed Mahan (Eagles' first photographer) and fans from across the Delaware Valley.  Hall-of-fame football journalist Ray Didinger wrote the foreword.

Brian Michael is a college professor whose love for sports history led him to open Shibe Vintage Sports. Andrew Palagruto was born and raised in South Philadelphia near the sports complex and is Philly-fandom personified. Andrew Weicker operates several digital properties related to Philadelphia sports from his fan cave in Northeast Philly.

Published by Arcadia Publishing, 128 pages.

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Customer Reviews

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chuck b

great book very interesting stories about the start of the Eagles team that i forgot.

Kathleen Chase
Great gift

I bought 2 of these books for my brothers who are die hard Eagles Fan. my one brother has been a season ticket holder for years so I know he will enjoy this book. The book is well done and packed with such great photos thru the years. Plus the book being signed is an added bonus. Great gift for them (one for birthday in Nov and the other an Xmas gift)

Nigel Lee
thoroughly enjoyable

It was incredibly enjoyable to peruse photos from several generations of Eagles teams. I first started watching them in the 70s, so it was eye-opening to read about and see pictures of the championship teams in 1947-48 and 1960 and legendary players such as Steve Van Buren and Chuck Bednarik. Going through more recent photos brought back many memories of the Eagles eras I am familiar with, from the Jaworski/Carmichael teams to the Cunningham/Reggie White teams to the McNabb/Brian Dawkins teams to the recent Super Bowl winners. Just a couple small nitpicks. First, some of the photos had incorrect captions, so the book could have used another editing pass or two. For example, the TO caption on p.89 says he returned from a broken leg to score two touchdowns in the Super Bowl. While TO came back and played well, he didn't score in that game. Second, some of the older photos didn't exactly match the captions. For example, a caption on p.115 described the incident where fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus, but the photo was just a generic photo (maybe from that era, but who knows). These are small nitpicks, and I would still say the book was well worth the purchase.

Mike D
Interesting and Historical!

I never knew so many of the names we associate with the sport of football have ties to Philadelphia! I loved seeing pics of all the old stadiums as well as pics of old JFK Stadium when it was built and see just open lots all over what is now South Philly Sports Complex.

Elliott Gaskins
Great book that captures the heart of Philadelphia Eagles Fandom

While watching the Eagles can be heartbreaking and exciting all at once this book captures what Eagles fan and the city of Philadelphia has gone through and how no matter what we stand behind our team and players…except Carson Wentz and Chip Kelly screw those guys