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Shibe Park - Connie Mack Stadium Book


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No ballpark in Philadelphia was more revered than the one at Twenty-first Street and Lehigh Avenue. Originally called Shibe Park and later Connie Mack Stadium, it opened in 1909 as America's first steel-and-concrete stadium. When it closed in 1970, it had earned a special place in the hearts and minds of Philadelphia sports fans. Home of the Athletics for 46 years, the Phillies for 32 and a half seasons, and the Eagles for 18 years, it was also the site of many boxing matches, Negro League baseball games, and college and high school baseball and football games.Over the years, as the area developed, Shibe Park became known for its obstructed views, delicious hot dogs, Sunday curfews,absence of beer, and boo-birds. Along with memorable teams and games, the ballpark played host to eight World Series and two All-Star Games.
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Packed with photos

So many happy times happened at this stadium. It's a shame that it is gone. This book greatly helps to preserve the memories of this fine ballpark.

Anne Andrews

I gave the book to my hubby for Christmas and he loves it! His cousin caught a Ted Williams hit & gave it to him. He has fond memories of going there. His neighbor was Jack Wilson the sports writer for the Bulletin and gave them lots of tickets.

Gerald Pronko
Connie Mack Stadium Book

Love the book! I saw my first major league game at Connie Mack Stadium in 1968, Phillies vs Cardinals! Phillies won and I'll always remember the game! I enjoyed learning about the history of the stadium and it's unfortunate demise being destroyed by fire. I recommend the book to all Phillies' fans and everyone interested in the city of Philadelphia's history.

James Taylor
Connie Mack- Shibe Park stadium book

Plain and simple... A classic. Definitely recommended.